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Pneumatic Tube Transport Systems, also known as PTT, are systems which propel small to medium sized items, captured in cylindrical containers, through a network of compressed air tubes, or by partial vacuum. This transport, helps with saving time, and being efficient with the space available to you.
Most people know these tubes from your local bank. These systems are what gets your check deposited, withdrawal in hand, or child their sucker. By placing these paper items into the cylinder, then inserting that into the tubes to take to the banker, time is saved, and waiting in line is a thing of the past.

Services TH Hammerl Inc offers
  • Sales of PTT
  • Installation of PTT
  • Services of PTT
  • Design of PTT systems
Useful Reasons to Utilize Pneumatic Tube Systems
  • Cash exchange
  • Parts Transport
  • Lab Specimen Transport
  • Transport of Liquids
  • Solid Sample Transport
  • Transport of Important Paperwork or Mail
Trust TH Hammerl Inc to provide the highest quality services, while working efficiently to get these systems designed and built for you.